Tokyo's JCP criticizes LDP, Komei, DPJ's failure to reflect on their wasteful spending of tax money

The Japanese Communist Party Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly members' group on May 25 said that the Liberal Democratic, Komei, and Democratic parties should "take residents' criticism with sincerity and stop wasting public money on their overseas 'inspection' tours."

The JCP statement was published at a news conference by Yoshida Nobuo, the JCP assembly members' group secretary general, in response to the three parties' denial of the JCP's revelation and criticism of their squandering tax money on luxurious overseas trips.

The JCP had revealed that an average of 1.48 million yen was spent for each member taking part in such trips.

On May 25, representatives of the LDP, Komei, and DPJ assembly members issued a statement, claiming that their trips were nothing like 'luxury' tours.

JCP Yoshida said that the three parties have "failed to respond to our criticism sincerely and distorted the facts," adding, "Seen from the perspective of Tokyo residents, it is natural to call their trips 'luxury' trips."

Yoshida stressed that their attitude is based on the unusual "all ruling party" structure in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly which is completely out of touch with reality and pressing residents' demands. - Akahata, May 26, 2005

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