60th year is when hibakusha should fully relate their experiences

The Japan Confederation A Bomb Sufferers Organization (Hidankyo) in its 50th regular meeting decided that the 60th year of the A-bombings with mounting public opinion in the world for peace without nuclear weapons is when hibakusha must speak out about their experiences.

The meeting held in Tokyo on June 7 and 8 decided to take part in an international citizens conference calling for no more Hiroshimas and Nagasakis to be held just before the 2005 World Conference against A and H Bombs in August, so that hibakusha can be heard. (see separate item.)

The Hidankyo annual meeting also stressed the importance of supporting collective lawsuits in which A-bomb victims are demanding that their diseases be recognized as having been caused by the A-bombing as a step toward achieving state compensation for hibakusha.

During the discussion, many people expressed the opinions that the cabinet has insulted hibakusha and the rest of Japanese society by publishing guidelines to "protect" the people in the event of a nuclear attack under the U.S. nuclear strategy that the Japanese government supports. Akahata June 9, 2005

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