Hibakusha call for better relief standards

On June 9, about 100 atomic bombed survivors (Hibakusha) made representations to the health and foreign ministries as well as to Dietmembers, calling for a revision of the government standards for giving Hibakusha recognition as A-bomb disease victims.

They also demanded that the government revise the Hibakusha Relief Law to ensure state compensation and lead international efforts for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

At the House of Councilors building, the Hibakusha had a meeting with members of the Japanese Communist, Komei, Democratic, and Social Democratic parties.

JCP Upper House member Inoue Satoshi pointed out that the Japanese government should make an effort to help the world understand the damages radiation has caused and play an active role to get nuclear weapons abolished, sharing his experience in observing the NPT Review Conference in New York last month.

Criticizing the health ministry for being reluctant to give relief to Hibakusha, Inoue said, "The state standards for recognition of A-bomb related diseases should be revised immediately. Let us band together to achieve this goal." - Akahata, June 10, 2005

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