JCP condemns Tokyo Governor's abuse of power

At the June 7 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly plenary session, Japanese Communist Party representative Sone Hajime criticized Governor Ishihara Shintaro's abuse of power.

Pointing out that Ishihara entrusted Vice-governor Hamauzu Takeo with his daily tasks so that he needs to come to his office only twice or three times a week, Sone stressed that his mismanagement provoked severe public criticism.

Ishihara has been refusing to accept his responsibility, stating, "To reshuffle the personnel is the best way for me to fulfill my responsibility."

The Liberal Democratic and Komei party members spoke in defense of Ishihara, stating, "We accept the governor's decision (LDP)," and, "We would like to endorse the governor's ambition to reestablish the Metropolitan Assembly (Komei)."

A Democratic Party of Japan member criticized the ad hoc disciplinary committee for "having a political purpose to get rid of Hamauzu and accuse DPJ members." - Akahata, June 8, 2005

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