'Win JCP advance, and say 'no' to Ishihara's unfair politics': JCP Shii

"At issue in the July 3 Tokyo Assembly election is a choice between 'all-are-government-party politics' under Governor Ishihara and the Japanese Communist Party." JCP Chair Shii Kazuo took to the streets in Shinjuku and Shibuya on June 12.

Referring to the recent dismissal of vice governor Hamauzu Takeo, Governor Ishihara Shintaro's confidant, Shii criticized Ishihara for tyrannically managing the Tokyo Metropolitan government.

He criticized the governor for coming to the Metropolitan government office only 7 days in May for a few hours each day and receiving an annual salary of 28 million yen, or 100,000 yen per hour.

She revealed that a metropolitan government director who needed to communicate with Ishihara had to write a letter to Hamauzu, who arbitrarily took the office to fill Ishihara's absence. The Liberal Democratic, Komei, and Democratic parties are to blame for supporting such outrageous politics, Shii said.

Rebuffing the Democratic Party, which recently began advocating that it always corrected Ishihara's unfair policies, Shii said, "The DPJ voted for all of Ishihara's budget bills in the last four years. The DPJ must stop deceiving the public." - Akahata, June 14, 2005

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