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Survey shows people content with public-run post offices

Internal documents of the government committee on postal privatization shows that the post office comes out on top at 132 points measuring people's contentment of 24 services.

Citing this figure, Japanese Communist Party House of Representatives member Sasaki Kensho in a commercial TV political program broadcast on June 23 said, "People are content with post offices as they are now. Why the supposed need to privatize them?"

Sasaki explained that his parliamentary questions have revealed that if the present Japan Post is maintained, a surplus of 138 billion yen will be produced in 10 years, but if it is privatized, it will incur a loss of 60 billion yen. He stressed that privatization will only cause postal savings to run into the red.

Referring to new businesses that the government intends for privatized post offices, Sasaki said that these businesses will incur a big loss from speculative operations, with the result that finance capital of Japan and the United States will be the only winners, acting through investment funds. - Akahata, June 24, 2005

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