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Tokyo election campaign begins

In the 30 degrees Celsius heat in Tokyo, all political parties on June 24 started their campaign for the July 3 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.

The Japanese Communist Party began its campaign with its Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo addressing an audience of 1,000 in front of JR Ikebukuro Station. He called on the audience to vote for the JCP, emphasizing, "To strengthen the JCP, which goes head-to-head against the governor's maladministration, is the only confirmation to get the metropolitan government back to the people."

The Liberal Democratic and the Komei parties are currently ruling the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. The opposition Democratic Party of Japan and the Seikatsusha Network never protest against Governor Ishihara Shintaro's policies of discarding public welfare services, promoting the wasteful use of the budget, denying the spirit of the Constitution, and discriminating against women. All political parties, except for the JCP, are parties that essentially support Ishihara.

A total of 220 candidates are contesting 127 assembly seats. Having gained 15 seats in the last election, the JCP is putting up 43 candidates in all 42 constituencies. - Akahata, June 25, 2005

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