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Tokyo adopts history textbook praising war of aggression

The Tokyo Board of Education on July 28 adopted a history textbook praising Japan's war of aggression for use at four six-year secondary schools that integrate junior and senior high schools. It also adopted a civics textbook from the same publisher for use at metropolitan schools for disabled children.

The vote was taken without discussion on the grounds that all board members recommended the "New History Textbook" edited by the Society for History Textbook Reform and published by Fusosha.

The Tokyo Network for the prevention of the Fusosha textbook from being adopted issued a statement calling for the decision to revoked.

Citizens who attended the board meeting had an impression that it was a "rigged game." About 200 protesting citizens distributed 3,000 handbills.

Meanwhile, many local boards of education and citizens are moving to get the textbook rejected. The Akita City Board of Education (Akita Prefecture) and the Mino City Board of Education (Osaka Prefecture) decided not to adopt it.

Many other boards of education, including Kyoto, Nagoya, Sendai, Miyazaki, and Yamagata cities, decided not to adopt it.

Citizens in Tochigi City (Tochigi Prefecture) held a rally calling for the textbook to not be adopted. In Matsuyama City (Ehime Prefecture), a prefectural people's rally was held on July 27 in opposition to its adoption. -- Akahata, July 28&29, 2005

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