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Shii meets with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei

Japanese Communist Party Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo on August 25 met with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei at the JCP head office in Tokyo.

Wu Dawei, who presides over the Six-Party Talks on North Korea, said he was visiting Japan as part of the effort to lay the groundwork for resuming the current round of the talks and explained issues facing the multilateral talks.

Stressing that the pending issues be resolved through political dialogue and that the Six-Party Talks be developed into a framework for ensuring peace and security in Northeast Asia, Shii said, "We recognize the importance of the Chinese role in the Six-Party Talks."

Wu Dawei said, "We will bear in mind what Mr. Shii has pointed as we proceed with the talks."

Referring to the issue of Yasukuni Shrine, Shii said he has seen changes taking place in Japan's media reports as well as among politicians since JCP Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo in a public speech propounded that Yasukuni Shrine's mission is to propagate the view justifying past Japanese wars.

While pointing out that the Japanese government's view of Japan's militarist past and its war of aggression against China is the biggest obstacle to the development of good relations and friendship between the two countries, Wu Dawei said the JCP's efforts have contributed to changes taking place in the situation relating to this issue. -- Akahata, August 26, 2005

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