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Local government employees union renews determination to stop privatization of public services

The Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union (Jichiroren) held its 27th Convention on August 22-23 in Yamaguchi Prefecture and adopted an action program and a special resolution calling for an active campaign in the September 11 general election.

Jichiroren is affiliated with the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren).

The action program puts emphasis on the efforts to establish the Article 9 Association in every Jichiroren workplace; to actively increase dialogues and cooperation in pursuit of people-oriented communities; and to achieve a 300,000-strong Jichiroren regardless of type of employment.

The special resolution calls for a full-fledged campaign in the coming election in order to stop constitutional revisions, heavier taxes, and the structural reform supported by business circles seeking the privatization of postal and other public services as a 50 trillion yen-business opportunity.

Regarding the 27th Convention that happened to be held just before the general election as an opportunity to consolidate the political will of local government employees, Jichiroren Chair Komaba Tadachika emphasized that the general election will be a chance to block the government's attempt to privatize or outsource public services.

In the Convention, it was reported that the Jichiroren membership increased by 2,000 to about 200,000 with 75 newly formed unions and branches in the last year.

On the first day of the Convention, Zenroren Secretary General Ban'nai Mitsuo, Japanese Communist Party Member of the House of Councilors Nihi Sohei, and Yamaguchi City Mayor Goushi Eiichi were present. -- Akahata, August 23-24, 2005

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