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55% want U.S. base out

A survey shows that 54.9 percent of Okinawans want the U.S. Marine Corps base in Ginowan City, Okinawa, to be removed from Japan.

The survey, conducted jointly by Kyodo News and Ryukyu Shimpo, an Okinawan daily, was published in the September 5 issue of Ryukyu Shimpo.

Asked what should be done with the U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Station, which the Japanese and U.S. governments have agreed to close, only 3.4 percent said they were in favor of the plan to construct a new base off the Henoko district of Nago City. It is the plan promoted by the Liberal Democratic-Komei government under Prime Minister Koiuzmi Jun'ichiro.

Those respondents who said that the Futenma base should be relocated to other parts of Okinawa accounted for 16 percent. -- Akahata, September 6, 2005

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