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Local city opposes setting up new SDF unit command in U.S. Camp Zama

The City Assembly of Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture on September 29 adopted a unanimous statement expressing opposition to setting up a Self-Defense Forces central rapid response unit command in the city.

The Japanese and U.S. governments are discussing locating the central rapid response unit command which will be established within the Ground SDF in fiscal 2006 in U.S. Camp Zama.

Zama's statement pointed out, "If the Ground SDF and U.S. Army commands will share Camp Zama, they will be able to share information regarding the use of the base and military operations. It will further accelerate Japan-U.S. military integration."

Referring to the 1971 agreement reached between the government and Zama City to the effect that the state will do its utmost to reduce the size of Camp Zama, the statement expressed that Zama City will never allow a move countering this policy. -- Akahata, September 30, 2005

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