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'Only idiots support U.N. Charter': Ishihara

Tokyo Governor Ishihara Shintaro is adamantly opposed to the post-war principles governing international relations established in the United Nations Charter.

Speaking at the September 27 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly session in reply to Japanese Communist Party representative Yoshida Nobuo, Ishihara said, "Only idiots support the U.N. Charter."

The JCP representative criticized the governor for repeatedly making remarks justifying the Japanese war of aggression and visiting Yasukuni Shrine that glories the war of aggression. He pointed out that Governor Ishihara thus refuses to recognize that the wars waged by Germany, Italy, and Japan were unjustifiable wars of aggression.

In his questioning, Yoshida asked Ishihara if he accepts the post-war rules established in the U.N. Charter and if he regards the Japan-China War and the Pacific War as wars of aggression that must never be repeated.

Ishihara said, "What's the principle of the U.N. Charter? Is it a golden rule? Is the United Nations such a great institution? Is it like god? No way!"

On December 8, 2004, Governor Ishihara stated, "I will stake my life on breaking the Constitution" in the event of a major earthquake or terrorist attacks. He has since made such anti-constitutional remarks on several other occasions.

His latest statement denying the U.N. Charter will come under severe criticism both in Japan and internationally.

Ishihara, who openly rejects the very essence of post-war international politics in a bid to justify his Yasukuni Shrine visits, can no longer be qualified to serve as governor of Japan's capital. -- Akahata, September 28, 2005

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