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Shii offers Pakistan reconstruction assistance

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on October 11 visited Pakistani Ambassador Kamran Niaz and expressed sympathy for victims of the earthquake that hit Pakistan on October 8.

Shii said that the JCP will do all it can to cooperate with the Japanese government in providing assistance and to carry out its own relief activities.

Ambassador Niaz appreciated the Japanese citizens' support for Pakistan and explained the state of quake damages to Shii. -- Akahata, October 12, 2005

* * *

On October 9, Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo and Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo sent the following cable to Pakitani President Pervez Musharraf and Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz:

"On hearing the news about the major earthquake in the northern part of Pakistan which claimed a great number of human lives and caused heavy damage in many places including the capital city of Islamabad, we want to express our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to your government and people. We sincerely hope for the earliest possible rescue operation and recovery." -- Akahata, October 10, 2005

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