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Falsification of quake-resistance data stems from privatized inspections: Shii

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo in a communication satellite TV Asahi Newstar's political program broadcast on December 7 said that the falsification of buildings' quake-resistance data basically stems from the privatized building inspection system.

He also stated that the government must change its principle of not compensating the victims.

Shii said, "The background of the incident is the 1998 adverse revision of the Building Standards Law that allows profit-driven private firms to conduct building inspections in place of public inspections." In order to prevent data falsification from recurring, it is necessary to review the privatized inspection system to establish one in which the central and local governments substantially and responsibly carry out building inspections," Shii said.

Commenting on the incident as one of the worst consequences of the government policy that "deregulation and privatization is a cure-all," he pointed out the need that "the government in cooperation with local municipalities inspect all apartment buildings constructed since 1998," because those buildings are of a public nature and that similar problems may be involved under privatized inspections.

Shii also referred to the difficulty victimized residents have in rehabilitating their livelihoods because they have to continue to pay tens of millions of yen in housing loans for the inhabitable buildings.

Shii said, "The government must change its view that the private ownership does not allow government to provide assistance that can lead to forming personal assets." He stressed the urgent need to set up a framework for providing victims, including those of natural disasters, with public relief for rehabilitating houses.
- Akahata, December 8, 2005

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