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About 1,000 post offices in depopulated areas to be closed

The Japan Post is planning to reorganize 966 post offices for mail-collecting and delivery, mostly in depopulated areas.

The realignment plan, which came to be known on January 12, is part of a personnel cut program in postal privatization in 2007, by which mail collection and delivery functions of post offices will be concentrated in urban areas. The services that local post offices offered in the past to residents for their day-to-day needs, will be substantially undermined.

Japanese Communist Party House of Councilors member Yoshikawa Haruko commented on the plan, saying, ŇAs the JCP has pointed out, postal privatization is geared toward closing unpaying post offices in depopulated areas. This will undermine the standards of the national postal network, and will bring about massive transfers of postal workers and adversely affect their working conditions.
-- Akahata, January 13, 2006

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