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'We can no longer endure hosting U.S. bases anymore'

Calling for opposition to the continued stationing of U.S. forces in Sagamihara and Zama cities in Kanagawa Prefecture about 1,200 citizens took part in a rally in Sagamihara City on January 29. The rally was the first to be organized by local residents' autonomous associations.

In October, the Japanese and U.S. governments agreed on the 'interim report' plans to realign U.S. forces in Japan that include the establishment of a U.S. Army command and the Ground SDF command at U.S. Camp Zama and the deployment of GSDF infantry units to the Sagami Supply Depot in Sagamihara.

Speaking in the rally, Mayor Ogawa Isao of Sagamihara said, "We have for many years demanded a city without U.S. military bases, but the government would listen to citizens only absent-mindedly."

U.S. bases forces uses three locations that occupy five percent of Sagamihara City's total area.

The participants adopted a petition demanding that the government reject the "interim report."

All political parties in the local assembly, including the Japanese Communist Party attended at the rally.

Kishi Hisao, 73, representing residents' autonomous associations of the Oyama district next to the U.S. supply depot site, said, "We can no longer tolerate the U.S. base existing in the densely populated area."
- Akahata, January 30, 2006

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