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Zenroren seeks a 10,000-yen wage hike for all workers

The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) on January 26-27 held its 38th General Council meeting in Tokyo and adopted the 2006 Spring Struggle policy.

Focusing on the need to improve the situation in which many young and female workers are forced to work at low wages under inadequate working conditions, Zenroren decided to demand a 10,000-yen or more increase in monthly wages and a 100-yen or more increase in hourly wages for all workers.

In order to put brakes on the widening rich-poor gap promoted by Koizumi's "structural reform" policy, delegates from throughout Japan discussed ways to realize their demands for better working conditions and a wage hike.

Zenroren President Kumagai Kanemichi said, "This year's Spring Struggle enters a phase of a historical turning point in the sense of struggle for a wage hike and for Japan's right way to go." He said that the trade union movement should take the offensive using the recent scandals, including the falsification of construction data, the illegal Livedoor business, and the U.S. beef issue, of the "structural reform" agenda compliant with the United States as a favorable chance.

Kumagai called on all 1,300,000 Zenroren-affiliated members to participate in actions in the 2006 Spring Struggle.
- Akahata, January 27-28, 2006

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