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Actions proposed to unite people in order to block constitutional revision and tax increase

The People's Big Movement Organizing Committee held its general meeting on February 4-5 in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It discussed and adopted its 2006 action policy for the movement against constitutional revision and a major tax increase, confirming that it will make efforts to bring success to a 100,000-people rally scheduled for May 27.

A resolution adopted by the meeting stated, "The structural reform policy and deregulations threaten the foundation of citizens' living conditions, and public criticism of the Koizumi Cabinet's politics is increasing in various fields. The role of democratic forces is crucial for organizing a nationwide struggle against revision of the Constitution and a major tax increase. Let us band together to strengthen the movement."

Stressing the need to develop cooperative activities in the movement against major tax increases, the resolution encourages members to visit and have talks with the chambers of commerce and industry, associations of local shop owners, labor unions, and women's, medical, and elderly people's organizations.

The People's Big Movement organizing committee was established in 1980 by labor unions and democratic organizations in response to the call by the predecessor of the National Confederation of Trade Unions. It calls for military expenditures to be cut in order to improve welfare and education programs.
- Akahata, February 7, 2006

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