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Hidankyo calls for concerted application for recognition of Hibakusha with A-bomb related illnesses

The Japan Confederation of A and H Bomb Sufferers Organizations (Nihon Hidankyo) on February 15 held a meeting in Tokyo and decided to call on all A-bomb survivors (Hibaksuha) to apply for government recognition as Hibakusha with A-bomb related diseases.

Hibakusha throughout Japan will apply in concert for the recognition at each municipality on March 14, arguing that their diseases are related to exposure to radiation from the atomic bombing.

A lawyer for Hibakusha in the nationwide lawsuits said that improvement of the recognition system is necessary for all Hibakusha to receive national compensation.

The concerted Hibakusha action will be in protest against the government's restrictive recognition system and to urge the government to immediately improve the system.

Hibakusha with official recognition can receive government medical benefits under the Hibakusha Aid Law. So far, 168 Hibakusha have filed a lawsuit with 12 district courts across the nation, calling for official recognition as Hibakusha with A-bomb diseases. The Osaka District Court will hand down a judgment for the first time in a lawsuit of this kind in late March.
- Akahata, February 16, 2006

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