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Spring Struggle actions held throughout Japan

On February 23-24, members of unions affiliated to the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) held actions throughout Japan as part of the 2006 Spring Struggle calling for wage increases for all workers and opposition to a major tax increase and constitutional revision. In cooperation with other democratic organizations and smaller business owners, they held demonstrations, rallies, and representations to companies and local governments.

On February 23 in Hokkaido's Sapporo City, 15 hospital workers took to the streets to collect signatures calling for more nurses to be hired and a halt to a plan to adversely revise the medical system.

In Aomori City, members of the Aomori Prefectural Federation of Trade Unions distributed Zenroren's organ paper, holding banners reading, "Let us create a new Japan instead of widening the gap between rich and poor or between cities and rural areas."

In Tokyo on February 24, about 100 members of the Itabashi Ward Federation of Trade Unions made representations to 60 local merchants' association leaders and 150 elderly club members, calling for their cooperation in actions against revisions of the medical system and the Constitution. The union members also requested them to sign a petition against a major tax increase that is planned to be submitted to the Diet on March 1.
- Akahata, February 25, 2006

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