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To win Kyoto gubernatorial election JCP calls for cooperation of residents

On April 2, Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi made several speeches on the streets of Kyoto Prefecture, calling on residents to vote on April 9 for gubernatorial candidate Kinugasa Yoko who is backed by the Association for a Democratic Kyoto.

Kinugasa is challenging the incumbent governor Yamada Keizo who is supported by the Liberal Democratic, Komei, Democratic, and Social Democratic parties.

Ichida criticized the Kyoto Prefectural Government for favoring large corporations while cutting services affecting living conditions, welfare, and safety, the policies promoted by the "all-are-ruling-parites" structure. He said, "Although many parties are supporting Mr. Yamada, none of them can propose policies that meet residents' demands regarding their living conditions, the Constitution, or any other relevant issues. Candidate Kinugasa is backed by residents who wish to have decent living conditions irrespective of their political affiliation. Cooperation between them and the JCP will make it possible to change the political situation."

Ichida condemned the Kyoto government for instructing local municipalities to invalidate the national health insurance cards if holders fail to pay their premiums. In Kyoto, 36.9 percent of households that are behindhand with premium payments have had their health insurance cards withdrawn. The number is larger than the national average of 29.6 percent and 2.7 times larger than the rate in Tokyo.

Kinugasa appealed to voters to vote for her in order to defend the Constitution and to reduce the social gap.
- Akahata, April 3, 2006

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