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Nationwide concerted action against consumption tax increase

With a big banner and colorful balloons in hands, about 30 people in Tokyo's Ueno Park collected signatures in opposition to an increase in the consumption tax. While signing, a young mother with children said, "A tax increase will adversely affect our lives." Their grandmother also signed the petition.

On April 1, the day marking the 18th anniversary of the implementation of the consumption tax, the Japanese Communist Party and the National Association to End the Consumption Tax took a concerted action throughout Japan to collect signatures opposing a consumption tax rate increase.

As the Koizumi Cabinet imposes heavier taxes on people through scaling down fixed-rate income tax cuts, the action received public attention.

An 84-year-old woman said in anger, "Imposing heavier burdens and cutting pensions for senior citizens, is the government saying it is bad to live longer?"

The JCP Central Committee and the JCP Tokyo Metropolitan Committee conducted an anti-tax increase campaign at JR Shinjuku Station. Koike Akira, head of the JCP task force against a consumption tax increase and House of Councilors member, in his speech criticized the consumption tax for increasing poverty and widening the social gap, and called on passers-by to raise their voices against a tax increase.

Supported by 7,000 individuals and organizations, an opinion ad against a consumption tax hike appeared in the Tokyo Shimbun on the same day.

Similar actions took place in various places, including Hokkaido, Kanagawa, Nagano, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka.
- Akahata, April 2, 2006

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