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Arrested investor had close ties with LDP and DPJ politicians

It has surfaced that Murakami Yoshiaki, who was arrested on suspicion of conducting insider trade in violation of the Securities and Exchange Law, had close connections with lawmakers of the Liberal Democratic Party and Democratic Party of Japan.

State Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy and State Minister for Financial Services Yosano Kaoru of the LDP admitted that he had received 400,000 yen in political donations from the suspect.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe Shinzo admitted at a press conference on June 6 that he had a "personal relationship" with the suspect.

Murakami gave donations to DPJ Dietmembers, sponsored a DPJ lawmaker fund-raising party, and gave a lecture at a conference organized by a DPJ Dietmember.
- Akahata, June 7, 2006

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