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7,000 in rally say 'No!' to revision of education law

Some 7,000 teachers, students, and concerned citizens gathered at the Hibiya Amphitheater in Tokyo on November 12, calling for opposition to a government bill to adversely revise the Fundamental Law of Education.

This action took place to block the ruling parties' attempt to put the bill to the vote in the House of Representatives special committee as early as November 15.

Surrounded by flags of the All Japan Teachers and Staff Union (Zenkyo) and the Japan Teachers' Union (Nikkyoso), university professors who organized the rally took the rostrum one after another, criticizing the bill for imposing patriotism on children and causing a widening of the social gap.

Tokyo University Professor Komori Yoichi said, "Public opinion has put off the vote on the bill. Our struggle this week will help determine the final outcome."

Japanese Communist Party Vice-Chair Ishii Ikuko and Social Democratic Party Leader Fukushima Mizuho spoke in solidarity with the action.
- Akahata, November 14, 2006

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