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JCP reaches policy agreement with independent candidate for Upper House by-election in Okinawa

The Japanese Communist Party Okinawa Prefectural Committee on February 17 announced that it concluded a policy agreement with Karimata Yoshimasa, the former chair of the Okinawa local of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Okinawa Rengo), and will support him as an independent candidate for the House of Councilors by-election in Okinawa scheduled for April 22.

At a press conference in Naha City, Akamine Seiken, JCP Okinawa Prefectural Committee Chair and Lower House member, and Karimata expressed their determination to defend the progressive forces' Upper House seat.

Karimata, 56, stated that he has learned through his experiences in mass movements that Okinawa changes its history when local residents get together and overcome the boundary between conservatives and progressives, and said, "For that matter, I consider the JCP an essential partner."

The policy agreed upon consists of seven pillars, including opposition to an adverse revision of Article 9 and to the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

Karimata on the same day concluded policy agreements with the Okinawa Social Mass Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party of Japan.
- Akahata, February 18, 2007

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