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Religionistsf Council for Peace issues appeal for establishing majority in defense of the Constitution


   In the face of the Abe Cabinetfs rush to turn Japan into a country waging wars abroad by changing Article 9, the Japan Religionistsf Council for Peace at its national board of directors meeting on May 22 adopted an appeal to the public for the establishment of a majority in opposition to adverse revision of the Constitution.


   The appeal pointed out that the spirit of peace and democracy enshrined in the Constitution is taking firm hold in the public. gThe mistake in pre-war days of imposing nationalistic moral values on the public must never be repeated,h it stated.


   In the meeting, participants exchanged reports on various activities nationwide. A Tenrikyo activist reported that they distribute handbills calling for peace once a month. Another director called on the participants to actively take part in the movement urging the government to declare a Nuclear Weapon-Free Japan.                                        - Akahata, May 23, 2007


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