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2007 JUNE 6 - JUNE12

eSDF monitored civil movement,f JCP Shii reveals

The JCP obtained copies of GSDF internal documents showing that a GSDF unit has illegally gathered information on the activities of citizens as well as popular movements and opposition parties.



JCP Ichida on G8 Summit

gWhile marking a step forward, the Summit agreement on greenhouse gas emissions left a major task to be undertaken sometime in future to ensure the effectiveness of the promises,h Ichida said.



14.3 million more pension records reported as unidentified

JCP Chair Shii said, gThe fact that the welfare minister had to disclose that there are 14.3 million more unidentified records in addition to 50 million such records shows how irresponsibly the government has been dealing with this issue.h



- eSDF monitored civil movement,f JCP Shii reveals

- Shii criticizes government response to SDF monitoring of the public

- JCP revelation of SDF surveillance of the public receives widespread press coverage



- G8 Summit agreement will be tested by whether participating countries can                 take effective measures -- Akahata editorial

- JCP Ichida on G8 Summit



- Residents choose as mayor JCP member who is calling for a change in use of tax money

- JCP launches election campaign focusing on young people

- LDP election platform pledges to have Diet propose constitutional revision in 2010



- Nihon Hidankyo holds general meeting

- Okinawans rally against history textbook revision

- Japan Peace Committee Congress calls for increased efforts in defense of Constitution



- Unidentified pension premium payment total could be as much as 20 trillion yen: JCP Koike

- 14.3 million more pension records reported as unidentified

- Government panel calls for further slashing of social welfare programs -- Akahata editorial



- JCP Takahashi calls for establishment of national minimum wage system with hourly wage of 1,000 yen



- Bill to revise public service law pushed through Lower House



- JCP delivers donation to quake victims

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