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Ruling block forcibly extends Diet session


   In the House of Representatives Plenary Session on June 22, the ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties used their majority to extend the Diet session, which was originally to end on June 23, for 12 days to July 5.


   The Japanese Communist, Democratic, and Social Democratic parties voted against the extension. The Peoplefs New Party was absent from the session.


   Due to the extension of the Diet session, the House of Councilors election will be officially announced on July 12 and held on July 29.


   JCP Chair Shii Kazuo at a press conference later in the day criticized the ruling parties for extending the Diet session only to serve their interest.


   gIt is unprecedented and outrageous to put off the closing of the Diet session and the House of Councilors election in order to railroad through adverse bills that will only do harm to the public,h Shii said, and he expressed his determination to make every effort to scrap bills to lift the ban on ex-government officialsf gAmakudarih practice and to privatize the Social Insurance Agency.

                    - Akahata, June 23, 2007



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