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Local assembly adopts resolution protesting against U.S. Marine Corps armored carfs trespassing on schoolyard


   The Uruma City Assembly in Okinawa Prefecture on July 26 unanimously adopted a resolution protesting against a U.S. Marine Corps armored carfs recent trespassing on a schoolyard. The resolution demands that concrete steps be taken to prevent such incidents.


   On July 18, the armored car drove into the schoolyard of the Okinawa Prefectural High School for Disabled Students in the city and made a U-turn on the track where students were running.


   The resolution stated, gIt is utterly absurd and infringes on human rights for the U.S. forces in armored cars to trespass onto a schoolyard that is supposed to be safe.h It also pointed out that the incident clearly violates the Japan-U.S. Agreement of Status of U.S. Forces in Japan.


   The resolution was sent to the prime minister, the foreign minister, and the defense minister as well as the headquarters of U.S. forces in Japan and the U.S. ambassador to Japan.                            - Akahata, July 27, 2007



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