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104 overseas delegates from 22 countries and 5 international organizations to participate in World Conference against A & H Bombs


   The 2007 World Conference against A & H Bombs Organizing Committee has made public that 104 overseas delegates from 22 countries and five international organizations, including representatives of four governments and the League of Arab States, are expected to take part in this yearfs World Conference.


Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Malaysia to the U.N. in Vienna Mohd Arshad Manzoor Hussain, the ambassador of Egypt to Japan, the ambassador of Mexico to Japan, and the deputy head of mission of the Embassy of Cuba in Japan will attend. They are all representing nations that have joined the Non-Aligned Movement or the New Agenda Coalition that are taking the lead in international efforts to abolish nuclear weapons. Mohamed Ezzeldine Abdel-Moneim, special advisor on disarmament and strategic affairs of the Arab League, is also planning to attend the world conference.


   NGO representatives include those from all five major nuclear weapon states and India, the president of the International Peace Bureau, as well as many youth and student delegates from France and Norway. Thirty five South Korean delegates will take part in peace marches as well.


   The World Conference will be held in Hiroshima and Nagasaki from August 3 to 9 under the theme, gA Nuclear Weapon-Free, Peaceful and Just World.h

- Akahata, July 26, 2007


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