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2007 AUGUST 1 - AUGUST 21

World Conference against A & H Bombs calls for efforts to open the way for a nuclear weapon-free peaceful world

The declaration of the International Meeting defines the elimination of nuclear weapons as a task that has direct bearing on the very survival of the human race and calls for cooperation among popular movements, civil society and committed governments to bring change to international politics.


JCP Ichida on 62nd anniversary of end of WWII

The JCP will exert every effort and continue to join forces with the public in order to block constitutional revision and safeguard the constitutional principles of peace, democracy, and human rights.


JCP Chair Shii speaks at JCP 85th founding anniversary rally

gRegarding political perspectives following the election and the role the JCP has to play, a new political process has begun in which the public is exploring an alternative to the LDP-Komei government,h said Shii.


- Extraordinary Diet session convened



- Scandal-tainted agriculture minister resigns

- Defense Minister Koike while serving as environmental minister received                 funds from contract awarded corporation



- Put an end to reckless policy of cutting social welfare budget ? Akahata editorial



- JCP welcomes planned South-North Korean summit



- Abe diplomacy isolates Japan even from U.S.: U.S. House resolution on sex                 slaves ? Akahata editorial

- JCP Ichida on 62nd anniversary of end of WWII

- Abe gives up visit to Yasukuni on August 15



- Government reneges on prime ministerfs promise by appealing against court ruling in favor of Hibakusha

World Conference against A & H Bombs

- Message from Brazilian president to 2007 World Conference against A & H                 Bombs receives

- 2007 World Conference against A & H Bombs calls for efforts to open the way    for a nuclear weapon-free peaceful world

- Declaration of the International Meeting

- Hiroshima Appeal

- Call from Nagasaki

- Letter from Nagasaki

- JCP representative speech at International Meeting

62nd Anniversary of atomic bombings

- Hiroshima Peace Declaration

- Nagasaki Peace Declaration



- Japan police ends investigation into U.S. Marine helicopter crash in Okinawa                 without questioning of U.S. personnel

- Government forcibly submits new U.S. base environmental assessment                 documents to Okinawa

- Japan and U.S. sign agreement on military secrecy

- Government forcibly starts exhibition of assessment documents for U.S. base                 construction

- SDF commander-turned LDP Dietmember: Iraq-dispatched SDF unit was                 ready to guard friendly troops under fire

- Government decides to replace vice defense minister



- Japan has fewer physicians per capita than most other OECD countries

Drug-induced disease

- Court orders state and drug makers to compensate drug-induced hepatitis                 patients

- JCP Dietmembers: Government must give up appealing drug-induced                 hepatitis cases

- Government appeals against hepatitis ruling



- Zenroren unions press Labor Ministry to raise minimum wage to more than 1,000 yen

- Zenroren holds General Council meeting

- Temp agency Fullcast ordered to suspend business

- Productivity increases but wages decrease

- Panel proposal for minimum wage increase is far from meeting the needs of workers



- Thoroughly investigate China Airlines jet accident -- Akahata editorial



- Tokyo air pollution suit officially ends



- Ogata meets with Cuban ambassador

- JCP holds funeral for former JCP Central Committee Chair Miyamoto Kenji

- Vietnamese CP delegation visits JCP

85th founding anniversary

- JCP holds speech assembly marking its 85th founding anniversary

- Chair Shii speaks at JCP 85th founding anniversary rally

- Fuwa points out sovereign independence has been key to JCP development


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