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LDP Upper House member steps down over violation of election law


   Kobayashi Yutaka, a Liberal Democratic Party House of Councilors member elected from the Kanagawa prefectural constituency in the July Upper House election, on September 4 resigned as Dietmember to take responsibility for his chief accountantfs violation of the Public Office Election Law in the election.


   Kobayashifs resignation came only one day after Endo Takehikofs resignation as Agricultural Minister and delivered a further heavy blow to the Abe cabinet.


   According to the indictment, Kobayashifs accountant handed a total of 1.53 million yen to 24 campaigners, including students, as reward for their on-street distribution of handbills.


   Hatano Kimie, Japanese Communist Party candidate in the constituency, on the same day stated, gHis resignation is not surprising but came too late. The JCP will continue to take the lead in criticizing the corruption in the Abe LDP-Komei government.h                                                                      - Akahata, September 5, 2007



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