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Rally held against Japan-U.S. joint air exercises in Kyushu


   In defiance of local residentsf opposition, the Air Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Air Force conducted joint exercises on September 3-5 as part of the realignment of U.S. Forces in Japan by using the ASDF Nyutabaru Base located in Shintomi Town in Miyazaki Prefecture.


   Two U.S. F-15 fighter jets and about 20 personnel flew from the U.S. Kadena Air Base in Okinawa to participate in the exercises.


   On September 4, more than 100 people took part in a rally held in front of the base, shouting, gU.S. forces, Get out!h


   Japanese Communist Party House of Councilors member Nihi Sohei in the rally stated, gSince the Abe cabinet suffered a serious setback in the recent election, it must refrain from forcibly conducting such a joint exercise. The JCP strongly protests against this.h                                                         - Akahata, September 5, 2007


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