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Spanish prime minister expresses support for starting negotiations for total ban on nuclear weapons


   The Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Japan Gensuikyo) on December 6 announced that governments of 13 countries have responded to the gLetter to Governments from Nagasakih adopted at the 2007 World Conference against A and H Bombs calling on world governments to begin talks on an international agreement totally banning nuclear weapons.


   Spainfs Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero states, gSpain, a nation that has declared itself nuclear-free, firmly supports the movements toward nuclear disarmament.h He also says that he wishes for the elimination of nuclear weapons, adding, gI agree with you on the need to channel all voices into the single direction to hold talks aimed at the elimination of nuclear weapons.h


   Mexicofs Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa says, gThe Mexican government maintains its conviction that the total and definitive elimination of nuclear weapons is the only way to guarantee that these weapons will not be used again. To this end our country will continue to promote actions for a world free of nuclear weapons, using the framework of the United Nations as well as in other international forums.h


   Polandfs Office of Foreign Affairs Director Mariusz Handzlik says, gPoland, in accordance with its Final Document of 2000 looks for all nuclear nuclear-weapons states to continue their efforts to achieve the long-term objective of elimination of nuclear weapons.h


Bangladeshfs Foreign Secretary Md. Touhid Hossain emphasizes that gthe only guarantee to humanity against the threat of nuclear weapons is total elimination.h He also says that the Bangladesh government calls for gglobal efforts to make the world realize the fact that nuclear ability or acquisition of nuclear weapons or WMD can never buttress safety and security in the long run--a misconceived notion of counter-deterrence that is fueling nuclear proliferation.h
             -Akahata, December 7, 2007



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