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MSDF's arrogant 'military first' attitude comes to the fore
The Defense Ministry and MSDF have been giving piecemeal and inconsistent accounts of what actually happened when the MSDF Aegis destroyer collided with a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Canon to increase direct employment
"Canon's policy is insufficient, but it is the first step towards forcing the company into the corner," Shii said.

JCP Chair Shii holds talks with Chinese State Councilor Tang
Referring to the adverse currents that arose in Japan regarding historical issues, Shii said that the JCP and the CPC have respectively made efforts to overcome them and that he welcomes the resumption of mutual visits by Japanese and Chinese leaders.



- Allow Yokosuka City residents to express opinion on homeporting of U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier - Akahata editorial

- JCP Shii and Ginowan City mayor agree on the need to immediately shut    down U.S. Futenma base

- Transport minister apologizes for improper handling of U.S. fighter jets' tailing of Japanese commercial plane near Guam

- U.S. soldier allegedly raped Filipino woman in Okinawa

MSDF accident

- MSDF Aegis destroyer collides with fishing boat; 2 fishermen missing

- JCP Shii talks with fishermen's cooperative officials

- Warships arrogantly push way through crowded Tokyo Bay area

- MSDF's arrogant 'military first' attitude comes to the fore

- JCP chair urges government to thoroughly investigate Aegis ship collision with fishing boat



- JCP Ishii calls for establishment of state scholarship with no obligation to repay

- JCP in Diet demands cancellation of wasteful highway-bridge construction

- 58 road builders gave LDP 650 million yen in donations in 3 years



- Government global warming policy relying on nuclear energy poses danger - Akahata editorial

- JCP Yoshii demands capping of each corporation's discharge of CO2 emissions



- World conference on Article 9 will be held in May

- Article 9 Peace Walk starts in Hiroshima



- Temps suffer from harsh working conditions

- Canon to increase direct employment

- Toyota workers demand fair share of its huge profit



- No tax money must be wasted on failed 'Ishihara Bank' - Akahata editorial



- JCP Chair Shii holds talks with Chinese State Councilor Tang

- Shii sends message of sympathy to East Timor President Ramos-Horta

- JCP Chair sends congratulatory message to new South Korean president

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