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Foreign minister dismisses high court judge over ruling


On April 18, the day after the Nagoya High Court said that some of the activities in Iraq of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are unconstitutional, Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura commented on the ruling at a news conference.


He said, gThere is no need to pay much attention to it (the court ruling). The fact being that a court gave that opinion alongside the ruling, so I will just read it when I have some free time after leaving the Foreign Ministry.h


He went on to say, gThe side that lost the lawsuit has decided not to appeal the (high court) ruling to the Supreme Court in the attempt to get the side opinion of the high court established. It is unacceptable to use it politically by giving the public the impression that the court has given a lofty opinion.h

- Akahata, April 19, 2008 



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