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JCP candidate defeats LDP and DPJ candidates in Saitama Prefectural Assembly election


A Japanese Communist Party candidate was elected in a by-election to fill a vacancy in the Saitama Prefectural Assembly on April 27.


On the same day, all 4 JCP candidates were elected in the Joetsu City (Niigata Pref.) assembly election.




JCP candidate Yamakawa Sumie (former Fujimino City Assembly member) defeated the candidates of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the largest opposition Democratic Party in the Saitama Prefectural Assembly by-election held to fill the vacancy left by a former LDP Prefectural Assembly member who resigned after being convicted for buying votes in violation of the Public Offices Election Law.


As a result of her election, the JCP has 2 seats in the Prefectural Assembly.


Yamakawa said, gCitizensf legitimate demand for clean local administration was translated into the vote. I believe that this is an expression of their wish to end current harsh government policies, including the introduction of the discriminatory medical-care system for the elderly aged 75 or over. We will use our two seats to implement our election promise.h




In the Joetsu City Assembly election, JCP candidate Hashizume Norikazu was elected in the single-seat constituency of Yoshikawa. Ueno Koetsu received the highest number of votes in the two-seat constituency of Kubiki. With all 4 JCP candidates seated, the party obtained the right to submit bills.

- Akahata, April 28, 2008  


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