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JCP calls for united effort to abolish new medical system


Amid widespread public criticism of the new medical system, which started in April, targeting the elderly aged 75 and over, the Japanese Communist Party on May 8 published an appeal calling on the general public to join hands to abolish this system.


The JCP appeal calls for opposition to the new system that excludes the elderly aged 75 and over from the existing national medical insurance program for the purpose of reducing the countryfs medical expenditure.


It states that the longer the system exists, the more the people affected will suffer because of the aim to increase insurance premiums every two years and to expand discrimination against elderly patients in medical treatment.


The appeal points out that the new system will impose heavier burdens on and cut medical services for all generations on the grounds that the new system not only targets the baby boomers but also the active work force to shoulder extra burdens.


The appeal calls for broader cooperation on the call for gabolitionh of the new medical system.


It also calls for public debate on ways for everyone to exercise the right to use medical services without discrimination.


At a news conference on the same day, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo said, gThe JCP will send this appeal to all political parties and reach out to various organizations throughout Japan, including the medical associations, senior citizensf clubs, trade unions, and civic groups. We will work hard to contribute to a united effort to abolish the system.h                                                           - Akahata, May 9, 2008

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