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Shii comments on passage of censure motion against Fukuda


Commenting on passage of a censure motion against Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo on June 11, Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo said, gPrime Minister Fukuda must take the Upper House resolution seriously.h


gDuring the remaining several days of the current Diet session, the JCP will go on the offensive to isolate the Liberal Democratic-Komei government by taking active part in Diet discussions and by developing the grassroots movement,h he added.


Referring to the opposition bill to repeal the new medical insurance system that separates the elderly aged 75 and over from the decades-long family-based health insurance system, Shii stated:


gThe bill needs to be thoroughly discussed and enacted. We will take part in the discussion in the House of Representatives and will not follow the tactic being used by the other opposition parties to refuse to take part in the discussion.h


gThere is no justification for boycotting Diet discussion because the bill was jointly introduced by the four opposition parties, not by the government,h he stressed.


Criticizing the opposition Democratic Party for refusing to attend the discussion of the bill, Shii said, gThe JCP will not boycott Diet discussions. In order to drive the government into a corner, it is important for opposition parties to make well-prepared arguments. Boycott tactics will only benefit the ruling parties.h

- Akahata, June 12, 2008



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