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JCP proposes 3 changes Japan should make to prevent global warming


With the Group of Eight (G8) Summit set to open on July 7 in Toyako in Hokkaido, the Japanese Communist Party on June 25 issued a statement, gHow should Japan fulfill its international responsibility to stop global warming?h


JCP Chair Shii Kazuo explained the JCP proposal at a news conference in the Diet building.


The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is calling on the developed countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 25-40 percent by 2020, and by 80 percent by 2050 in order to limit the average global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius above the average prior to the Industrial Revolution.


Shii said that while every nation or region on the earth should do all they can to fulfill this global task, the developed countries have a historical responsibility for the global warming which is a result primarily of their economic activities since the Industrial Revolution. gThe developed countries have two historical duties to fulfill. One is to acknowledge their responsibility to take the lead in the international effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The other is to actively provide technical and financial assistance to the developing countries.


The Japanese government neglects to fulfill its responsibility. Ignoring the Kyoto Protocol requirement to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 6 percent from the 1990 level, Japan has instead increased its emissions by 6.2 percent.


Criticizing the government, Shii proposed the following three changes Japan should make in order to fulfill its international responsibility.


First, the JCP demands that the government make clear its mid-term goal for a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


In his remarks, Shii called on the government to gbegin to work to establish Japanfs mid-term goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020 from the 1990 level.h


Secondly, the JCP demands that the government take practical steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial and energy sectors, the largest emitters.


In this regard, Shii urged the government to stop gleaving the matter to business circlesh and take measures, including the conclusion of a government-business agreement on greenhouse gas emission cuts.


Thirdly, the JCP demands that the government drastically change its energy policy from one of relying on fossil fuels and nuclear power to one of putting emphasis on using renewable energy resources.


Stressing the importance of achieving sustainable economic and social development through peoplefs movements, Shii said, gThe JCP urges the government to show a proactive attitude toward the issue at the G8 Toyako Summit.h


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3-point JCP proposal for stopping global warming


To stop global warming is the urgent task of humanity that does not permit any delay. If Japan is to fulfill its international responsibility, it should drastically change its policy.


1. Clearly establish Japanfs mid-term goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions without delaying it until a later time.

2. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sectors, the largest emitters,

* The JCP calls on the government to make it mandatory for the business sector to sign an official agreement that contains specific goals of reduction;

* The JCP urges the government to utilize the emission trading system to accelerate reduction of gas emissions in a practical manner;

* In order to promote cutbacks in the use of fossil fuels, the JCP urges the         government to introduce an genvironment taxh.

3. The JCP urges the government to shift its emphasis in energy policy to the development and use of renewable energy sources.


The JCP calls on the public to act in favor of a sustainable economy and society by supporting and strengthening grassroots-based social movements. 

- Akahata, June 26, 2008


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