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Canon says it no longer uses temporary workers at its manufacturing workplaces


Canon, a global manufacturer of cameras and optical products, has promised to stop using temporary workers.


Senior Managing Director of Canon Inc. Moroe Akiyoshi in a meeting on June 30 with Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo said, gCanon plans to recategorize 12,000 temporary workers in phases by the end of this year by switching them to categories of limited-term workers and independent contractors.h


The JCP chair was visiting Nagahama Canon Inc. plant in Shiga Prefecture for an on-the-spot inspection.


Moroe explained that the plan is already underway and Canon has decreased the number of temporary workers at all its plants to 5,300 by the end of June. Nagahama Canon Inc., now uses no temporary workers at present, he added.


Shii said, gTemporary workers-turned limited-term workers are concerned about their job security because their employment contracts may expire in 35 months at the longest. Why no longer than 35 months?h


Moroe replied, gWe donft want to give them hope for a contract without expiry,h making clear that the company will continue with its unstable employment practices by using limited-term workers.


At a news conference following the inspection, Shii said, gIt is a first step that a leading Japanese manufacturer like Canon has declared that it will stop using temporary workers at workplaces in the manufacturing industry. At the same time, the issue of unstable employment is becoming more serious as temporary workers are being categorized as limited-term workers or independent contractors. In our parliamentary and extra parliamentary struggle, we will continue to do our utmost to strengthen our movement to have companies employ contingent workers as full time workers.h                                                                       - Akahata, July 1, 2008


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