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JCP criticizes Zama mayor for changing his mind and accepting U.S. base realignment


The Japanese Communist Party Kanagawa Prefectural Committee issued a statement on July 30 criticizing Zama City Mayor Hoshino Katsuji for suddenly changing his position to accept the relocation of the U.S. Army 1st Corps Command to U.S. Camp Zama from Washington State.


The JCP also protested against the dissolution of the Liaison Council of Zama City Against the Planned Relocation, which Mayor Hoshino chaired, and the removal of the banner on the wall of the city office building expressing the citizensf opposition to the plan.


The JCP said that residents have carried out various activities to block the U.S. Army Commandfs relocation to their city by collecting about 60,000 signatures, holding rallies, and marching in demonstration. It said that Hoshino ghas abandoned the struggle he has developed with residents.h


Stressing that the major issue in the mayoral election due in September will be whether or not the city should accepts the strengthening of the functions of U.S. Camp Zama, the statement said that the JCP is determined to strive to get Kamoi Yoko, a candidate against the relocation plan, elected.      - Akahata, July 31, 2008




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