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10,000 people attend meeting for better childcare system


About 10,000 people, including childcare center staff, parents and academics assembled in Tokyo for a meeting from August 2-5 to explore better childcare.


The National Joint Study Meeting on Childcare has been held annually since 1969 by the National Liaison Association of Childcare Organizations, which is made up of childcare center workers, organizations on pre-school childrenfs education, and the local government workers union.


In the opening speech, National Liaison Association Chair Ueno Satoko said, gReflecting the business sectorfs strong desire, the public childcare system that guarantees equality as the responsibility of the state and local governments is being undermined. We must not allow the destruction of the childcare system that ensures the sound growth and development of children.h   


In the opening forum, participants pointed out that cost-cutting strategies and competition in the market are beginning to prevail in childcare. They discussed ways to protect the rights of the child in these circumstances.    

- Akahata, August 3, 2008


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