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JCP Shii calls on all party members to rise in preparation for general election


The Japanese Communist Party on September 3 held its prefectural committee chairsf meeting at the JCP headquarters. JCP Chair Shii in the keynote report explained the present political situation that emerged after the resignation of Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo and the JCP policy to respond to it.


Shii said that the unusual situation in which two prime ministers, Abe and Fukuda, successively gave up political power gillustrates that policies promoted by the Liberal Democratic-Komei party government have come to a deadlock, and it is on the brink of collapse.h


He said that the root cause of the current crisis is the failure of the LDP-Komei policies that favor Japanese business circles and the U.S. government, such as domestic gstructural reformh policies in support of corporate profit making while putting heavier burdens on the peoplefs living conditions as well as the overseas dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces in violation of the Japanese Constitution.


He said, gLet us explain to the people that it is important now to implement policies that benefit the public and that the JCP is the only party capable of doing this task.h


Concerning how to deal with the political developments, he said that the JCP will call for the dissolution of the House of Representatives for a general election, stressing that it is unacceptable that three prime ministers successively stay in power without giving citizens an opportunity to give an electoral verdict. He also said that it is reasonable for Dietmemebrs to thoroughly discuss basic policies to clearly present major issues to voters so they are able to make informed judgments in the election.


Shii said that the dissolution of the House of Representatives for a general election will likely take place by the end of this year or early next year. He said, gWe need to be able to deal with the dissolution at any timeh keeping in mind that the Lower House could be dissolved anytime once the Extraordinary Session of the Diet begins.


Explaining the JCP strategy for a successful campaign in the next House of Representatives general election, Shii emphasized the importance of fully implementing the decision of the JCP Central Committee 6th Plenum in July 2008.


Shii pointed out efforts to create a big wave of advancement that will include massive political publicity to reach out to the public to explain the JCP Program envisaging a bright future of Japanese society, to make a success of the recruiting campaign, and complete preparations for the general election so that all party members can do all they can.


Shii called on party members to consider the upcoming House of Representatives general election as a great opportunity to make major progress in JCP activities and to wage the struggle to achieve victory.


Shii stressed the importance of having a strong commitment to JCP activities led by the JCP Program that reflect the actual political developments while increasing the JCP membership through the united efforts to reach out to the public and explain the JCP Program that envisages a brighter future for Japanese society.


Shii called for further efforts to take advantage of the present situation to achieve victory by receiving more than 6.5 million votes.


Shii also announced that the JCP Executive Committee has decided to propose postponing the JCP 25th Congress due to the current political situation relating to the next House of Representatives election.        - Akahata, September 4, 2008



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