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No ecarte blanchef to prime minister


Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on September 6 criticized the ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties for considering dissolving the House of Representatives for a general election immediately after the Diet elects a new prime minister in its Extraordinary Session.


At the JCP Standing Executive Committee meeting, Shii stated as follows:


The advocates of the scenario of dissolving the House of Representatives at the outset are attempting to forgo a parliamentary discussion on important issues. It is tantamount to asking the public to give the new prime minister a carte blanche. How absurd!


We assert that the Extraordinary Session of the Diet should hold questioning sessions by party representatives, followed by thorough discussions on key national issues in the budget and other standing committees of both houses. We will insist that the government should seek to obtain public support after this parliamentary process if it stands for democracy.


Of course, given the moves toward an early dissolution of the House of Representatives, the JCP must be prepared for a possible early general election.  

? Akahata, September 7, 2008


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