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Anti-Security Treaty committee proposes autumn action program for peace


The Central Action Committee against the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty (Anpo-Haki) held its board meeting on September 3 to discuss and approve an action plan for autumn, focusing on opposition to the planned deployment of the U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to the U.S. Yokosuka Naval Base, the ongoing realignment of U.S. forces in Japan, and the extension of the New Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law.


In the keynote report, Anpo-Haki Secretary General Hayasaka Yoshio stated, gPrime Minister Fukuda Yasuofs sudden resignation is an outcome of social anger and struggles driving the government into a corner. Now is the time to contain the Liberal Democratic and Komei government by increasing the struggle against U.S. military bases in Japan.h


Participants agreed to make efforts to: (1) increase support for an anti-U.S. military base and progressive candidate in the Zama City election slated for September 21, in which the U.S. Army Camp Zama is a major issue; (2) hold a big rally on September 24 in Yokosuka to block the deployment of the U.S. nuclear carrier George Washington to Yokosuka Port; and (3) block the extension of the New Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law which expires next January in the next Extraordinary Diet session.


In the discussion, representatives of the Japan Peace Committee and the National Federation of Traders and Producers Organizations said, gFukudafs decision to resign came when he realized that it is difficult to have the Special Measures Law extended and that he may be unable to fulfill his pledge to U.S. President Bush to continue to deploy the Maritime Self-Defense Force to the Indian Ocean on refueling missions for U.S. and other warships there.h


Another delegate stressed, gIt is expected that the mainstream media will promote a massive and wishful campaign urging the public to choose either LDP candidates or Democratic Party candidates in the upcoming House of Representatives general election in almost disregard of the public demand for better living conditions and peace.


gAll the more because of this, we must increase the movement to stop the extension of the MSDF refueling law, get the Air SDF withdrawn from Iraq, and oppose the U.S. plan to use Japan as a stepping stone for military action abroad with increased war-fighting capabilities.h        - Akahata, September 4, 2008

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