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Put people first: JCP publishes its election platform


The Japanese Communist Party has published its election platform for the upcoming House of Representatives general election.


At a news conference on September 25, JCP Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo explained the document entitled gNow is the time to change policies ? JCP aims to change policies to ones of putting people first.h


gIn the upcoming general election, the present policy framework and content must be called into question; our policy focuses on changing the fundamental policy to one of establishing a society that puts the peoplefs interests first,h he said.


Stating that every issue that the people are eager to solve is caused by the gtwo illsh of pro-big business policies and subservience to the U.S., Shii stressed, gOnly the party that can present the public with an alternative can defend peoplefs interests.h


Shii said that the JCP aims to cure the gtwo illsh and create ga regulated societyh that protects the public and build a peaceful and independent Japan without the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.


The JCP appeal emphasizes that the JCP is the only party that can cure the gtwo illsh and that this is possible if the JCP wins more seats in the diet.


Referring to the appealfs aspiration to create a democratic government, Shii said, gViewed objectively, Japan has entered an historic era that calls for a new government. The JCP calls on the people to take this upcoming general election as the first step toward a government that puts people first.h

- Akahata, September 26, 2008


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