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JCP Fuwa holds talks with CPV Sang


Fuwa Tetsuzo, member of the Japanese Communist Party Standing Executive Committee and the JCP's Social Sciences Institute, who led a JCP delegation visiting Hanoi, on September 24 held talks with Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member and Permanent Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam.


Highly appreciating the fact that the CPV-JCP friendship that has been built through bilateral exchanges for many years, has been developed in a manner that meets the needs of the 21st century, Sang expressed hope for continued cooperation for many years to come.


Sang stated that the CPV has been attaching important to theoretical innovation as part of preparations for the next CPV Congress that will revise the Party Program.


Emphasizing the importance of theoretical talks as part of various forms of mutual exchanges, he said he hopes for the success of the second theoretical discussions and upcoming events.


Recalling the history of JCP-CPV exchanges, Fuwa emphasized that the two parties, based on the cooperative relations theyfve developed, are attaching equal importance to studying and applying Marxist theory to todayfs conditions of both countries. gI hope that theoretical exchanges will proceed with a long-range outlook,h he added.


The two exchanged views on the recent situations in the two countries, the global crisis of capitalism, and other international issues.  - Akahata, September 25, 2008


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