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Re-elected Komei leader mentions nothing about the partyfs responsibility for misgovernment


The Komei Party re-elected Ota Akihiro as its leader at its regular convention on September 23.


The party has set in motion preparation for a likely snap House of Representatives general election with the catchphrase gKomeito protects your living standards.h


However, in his speech following his re-election, Ota said nothing to acknowledge the responsibility of his party as the junior partner of the Liberal Democratic Party in the ruling coalition for the gstructural reformh policy that has undermined peoplefs living conditions and the countryfs economy.


About the tainted foreign rice scandal, Ota sidestepped the ruling partiesf responsibility for continuing to import foreign rice under the non-obligatory minimum access formula and for having eased government controls and regulations on imported products.


What is more, he stressed the need for Japan to keep the Maritime Self-Defense Force deployed to the Indian Ocean on the refueling operation in support of the U.S. war against Afghanistan.                    - Akahata, September 24, 2008

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